About Us

This website is dedicated to providing cheats, mods, savegames and trainers for PC by FLING and other trainer-makers.


  • Only the best PC Game trainers, we focus on quality not quantity.
  • We provide all the different versions of the game trainers so if you want to use an older trainer, you can always do that.
  • All files are checked before uploaded so they’re clean of any malware.

Game Cheats

We also provide different cheats and cheat codes for different games whenever available.

Game Mods and Savegames

Game mods are different from cheats and trainers in that they do more extensive modification of game and edit game files itself and are usually large in size. We also provide different type of game mods and save games for PC games.

XBOX 360 Trainers

A dying console, there are still games and trainers in active development for it. We add xbox 360 trainers whenever we find them!.

Contact Us:

If you would like to contact us for whatever reason, feel free to do by sending us an email.